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This private garage is astonishingly good. Not only does it possess arguably the best collection of JDM cars we've seen in ages, but it also houses classics and modified legends from around the world. Welcome to Heng's Garage.

The next time you're in Bangkok, Thailand, we suggest you make friends with someone who can take you to Heng's Garage. Then, we suggest you take a box of tissues along for all the weeping you'll be doing during your visit.

Heng's Garage is a private collection of Japanese sports cars, spanning decades, from a Nissan Skyline GT-R Hakosuko, through the R30 to R35, plus a widebody Toyota Supra and Veilside Mazda RX-7. It doesn't stop there, though, because you'll also see a slammed Jeep hotrod with massive offroad tyres and another American classic muscle car from the 30s.

If you're keen on something more modern, then you can feast your eyes on other modified beasts, like the Lamborghini Superleggera, new Mini and a 1992 Volvo with its 20-year-old mods.

Almost every vehicle is modded in some way, including the Japanese Kei cars in the collection, but that's just one portion of this incredible space. Pop upstairs, and you're greeted with a meeting room that sports racing seats all around the desk, a sitting lounge with a big-screen TV and a room with a pool table. Then there's the arcade, with a dozen racing games from the past 30-years all lined up and ready to race.

If this sounds incredible, then brace yourself for the eye-watering amount of vehicle models, memorabilia, posters and more. Way more. This is, quite literally, every boyhood (read petrolhead's) dream come true.

To check it out for yourself and to find out more about the modifications on the cars, press play on the video by CB Media below as Chad takes us on a tour of Heng's Garage.

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