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Panic buying and selfishness is spreading around the UK over the last few days not due to what we have all been pushing through globally in recent years, but rather an automotive epidemic as a result of a petrol shortage.

Countless petrol stations around the United Kingdom have closed as a result, whereby some stations have limited customers to just 30 litres per car.

All this carnage is reportedly caused by a severe shortage of truck drivers in the country as a result of a combination of Brexit and the Covid 19 Pandemic where just a year ago the UK was short around 76,000 drivers and now that number has risen to 100,000.

The UK government has urged people not to panic as this situation is likely to last only a few days but that has not stopped people from panic buying.

Take a look at the video below by the YouTube channel: BBC News on UK Petrol Stations Close Due To Lorry Driver Shortages - BBC Newsnight...

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