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Over the past few years, turning your Lamborghini Gallardo into a Twin Turbo monster has become insanely popular and there's almost nothing that can catch these cars in a race.

Justin Herricks is one of those guys who is crazy about a fast car and his first build with Underground Racing, which specializes in these Twin Turbo conversions, was a Twin Turbo Gallardo Superleggera. After being hooked by the addicting power he decided he wanted to build something special and different that absolutely no one else in the world has. His final two choices came down to the Huracán or the Aventador. In the end he decided to do the X Version build on the Huracán as it's newer and even more aggressive looking than the Aventador. Some of the upgrades include a UR Huracán X-Version turbo system with a custom set of turbochargers from Precision Turbo, Proline Racing built Huracán X Version long block, billet UR CNC Huracán intake manifold and billet 1st-6th air shifted sequential transmission with a billet differential. John Reed Racing designed the custom MoTeC M1 harness and firmware for full direct injection control, gearbox control as well as traction control and LP610-4 front differential control setup.

What power output you say? 2000+AWHP that's what! How is that for overkill, but luckily it's the kind of overkill that we like and want!

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