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The all-new Koenigsegg Gemera is a 4 seater, 3 cylinder Hypercar that produces 1,700bhp.

First off, the iconic and highly anticipated Geneva Motorshow 2020 in Switzerland, unfortunately, got cancelled to non other than the eyebrow-raising Coronavirus. The Swiss government banned gatherings of 1000 or more people for the time being to help prevent possible spread of the Coronavirus.

Needless to say, the Geneva Motorshow was pretty empty, however, Koenigsegg was still adamant to at least make use of their space at the empty halls of the motorshow to film their unveiling of their new Hypercar. Top Gear made prior arrangements with Koenigsegg CEO, Christian Von Koenigsegg, to have a chat about their new invention. What they have created is incredibly unique in comparison to previous Koenigsegg's as well as their competitors.

The most noticeable part of the new Koenigsegg Gemera is the fact that it is a four-seater as opposed to the regular two-seater, making this the first of its kind hypercar ever produced. The manufacturing a car like this was an idea Christian had over two years before its development, and states that this is a type of car he would personally want to own, saying that he believes he spotted a gap in the market for such a car.

In order for the Koenigsegg Gemera to accompany two extra seats the whole car needed to be bigger, especially in length. The team opted to still design the car as a two-door scissor design, how they got this right was to design the car in such a way that it still looks proportional to the eye while maintaining its increased size. Things such as the door handles were deleted completely and rely purely on a remote basis. The wheels are also newly designed and revolutionary, and broke the record on having the biggest fully carbon fibre wheels fitted to a production car, with 21" in the front and 22" at the back.

Now, if that was not exciting enough, the new Koenigsegg Gemera is a plug-in hybrid with the electric motors alone producing around 1100bhp, one motor on each rear wheels and another on the crankshaft. The combustion engine is an unheard of 3-cylinder, 2-litre, twin-turbo, dry sump, 3-valve engine. You might think that it will sound pretty darn awful but, get this, Koenigsegg got rid of the traditional camshaft and re-engineered the stoke process by designing actuators over each valve. This gives him full control over valve timing without having to worry about a physical camshaft, which aids in optimal performance as well as a much better engine sound. This revolutionary new Koenigsegg Gemera pushes out 1.27 megawatts or 1700bhp at 3500Nm of neck-snapping torque, which will rocket you from standstill to 100km/h in just 1.9 seconds.

According to Christian Von Koenigsegg, 300 Gemera will be produced, another record for Koenigsegg.

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