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We love the work that comes out of Carlex Design, when the company based in Czechowice-Dziedzice, in the southern side of Poland turns their attention to a car you know it’s going to be something very, very special. When Carlex Design tackles a project, there is nothing left untouched on the car, and one of their most amazing skills is to completely transform an interior using the best of the best materials and designs. The Carlex Design website quotes: “Every time we work on a new project, our goal is always crystal clear: to create the greatest piece of art ever made. Our driving force rests on cutting-edge ideas. A design that ravishes and inspires – this is the basis for all our actions. Our experts implement exterior styling packs, developed by our designers, which comprise body kits, rims, exhaust systems, and car body conversion parts. We prepare our products in a relatively short time, starting from concept design, prototyping and preparing tools, to finish with the serial production of elements.” So on that concept design part, that’s what you see here, plans for a restomod project. This is a break from the norm as the company usually pays attention to exclusive new, high-end cars. With the materials and skills at their disposal, building a restomod makes perfect sense, well to us anyway. The car chosen for this project is the Jaguar XJ Coupe Series II from the early 70s. We first caught wind of this a year back and wanted to wait until the car was actually built before mentioning it, but a friend’s recent classic car purchase reminded up about the car, and so now you see it here.

Carled Design introduced the restomod on its website, assigning the car a life: “My name is XJ… XJ Coupé 2.0.”. The XJC by Carlex Jewel keeps the car’s original classic character but sees it reinvented using the latest technology and design processes. The car was chosen as Carlex believes it has the best genes from the Jaguar family. Even an old-model Jaguar like this offers up a smooth ride, great comfort and a bit of luxury. This is all transformed with the essence of the 21st century using exotic wood, top-quality leather and carefully mastered details. Plans are to have the car finished in an iconic shade of British Racing Green, and we think this is a brilliant idea. Plastics will be replaced, everything will be custom and one-off. The Carlex Design Jaguar XJC will feature a refurbished and redesigned interior with hand-patina leather. The proprietary-design new seats will add to the uniqueness of the trim, and the use of exotic wood and metal will give it a classic yet very original look and feel. If you’ve ever seen any projects from the Carlex world, you’ll know that they add in some amazing small details and designs to add to the overall look of the car, all while showing off the skills and capabilities of the company. We’d hoped to see the physical car already, but while what you see here was first revealed around a year back, we do understand that it's actually a short timeframe for a comprehensive restomod, especially with client cars being the main focus. Until then, renderings are all you get, but it must be said that whoever does design work for Carlex Design is absolutely brilliant at their job.

Take a look at the YouTube video compiled by Autowrap that shoes off what this Jaguar restomod will look like when the project is eventually completed. To be fair, seeing as the car hasn't been completed yet there are no actual videos of the actual car so what you see here is pretty much just the still from above in a video, but it's cool nonetheless: Jaguar XJ Coupé restomod by Carlex Design | autowrap

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