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Love rebuilds? Then you're in the right place as the Roadkill guys take one rusted Plymouth Duster and shove a big-block under the hood in this episode of Farm-Find Rescue.

Not all of us here at SXdrv know anything about fixing cars, we're way better at driving them, but there's something to be said about watching those that can swing a spanner, get the job done.

In this episode of Roadkill's Farm-Find Rescue, the guys take on a new project in the form of an old, forgotten 1970 Plymouth Duster that sat, neglected for five years on a grape farm.

The point is to fit a 440 Mopar big-block they had lying on the shop floor into the Duster and get it running, driving and doing smoky burnouts within five days.

The dudes take on the mighty task and complete hurdles like engine upgrades, butchering some headers, building a homemade driveshaft, cobbling together a used exhaust system, and completing some halfhearted bodywork, among executing other mechanical feats.

Hit play to see if they actually manage some burnouts, see what the Duster pushes on the dyno, and if it can manage a drag strip too.

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