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Roadkill is such an entertaining channel on YouTube – part mechanical, part technical and part bucket-loads of fun! This time, they get their hands on the best dirt car ever for a bit of rallying.

The premise is simple, "what's the best way to build a great off-road car? Buy a used desert racer!" Host, David Freiburger, buys a sight-unseen 1973 AMC Hornet "that raced Baja in the '80s and finished the NORRA 1000 a couple of times before being parked circa 2012".

Freiburger wants to go rallycross racing and, with partner Mike Finnegan, fiddle a bit under the bonnet before taking the buggy for testing. They soon realise the car is actually excellent and a hoot to drive. With testing done, it's time to take on a Dodge minivan at a real rallycross event.

Will they succeed or will it be a fail? You'll have to watch this episode of Roadkill to find out.

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