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Can five guys at Gas Monkey Garage strip-down and rebuild this OBS pick-up in five days? Oh, and they also need to put their modified magic touch to it too.

After a few negative remarks in the comment section of their YouTube channel, Richard from Gas Monkey Garage decides to put the team to the test.

Some fans of the channel suggested that a lot of work gets done by 'elves and trolls' when the cameras are not rolling. They didn't believe that the crew are responsible for all the work that gets done to the vehicles.

Thus, the five-day, five guys, one OBS pick-up challenge – streamed live – was born. This video, obviously, is not live. Instead, it was cut from the live footage to give us this episode.

True to form, GMG rebuild this OBS pick-up with their usual flair, modifying the truck to be a throwback with modern touches. It includes a new big-block motor with enormous horsepower, a new set of rims and tyres, and a fresh lick of paint.

A new transmission, uprated brakes and suspension all get a look at, while the interior receives an upgrade too. New dials and gauges, upholstery, lining and carpets, while a fancy steering wheel and other tidbits finish it off.

But, back to the original question. Can the GMG team meet their tight deadline of just five days? Press play to find out!


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