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In the 80s there were very few suburban kid’s walls without a poster of Magnum P.I. and his Ferrari 308 GTB. It’s not clear if Tom Selleck made the Ferrari famous or if the Ferrari made Tom famous, but the iconic duo did ensure the 308 would always be a valued model. It’s even cooler for some who were kids in the 80s, because they’re now old enough to buy the cool things they were too young to back then. We reckon buy the end of the year 90% of these Ferraris will be owned by guys in the 45-50-year age group. There’s no science or data to back that up, but we’ll stick by it. If you grew up as a Ferrari fan and a racecar fan, then this one spotted during our weekly trawling of the Bring a Trailer postings is destined for you, well if you have around $70 000 to spare right now. 

While there’s a comprehensive provenance listed on the Bring a Trailer website, there’s some interesting highlights worth a mention here. It was converted to a racecar in the late 80s when it was still a relatively new car. Fibreglass panels replaced the metal ones to save weight so there’s a front clamshell, a removable engine cover and fenders in play. Also carried out then, in 2018, was a Group 4-style build that included a rebuild of the replacement 3.2-liter V8, a repaint in white with a Martini livery, and the installation of AP Racing brakes and a custom exhaust system. The 308 also features a KMS ignition system, ITBs, a hydraulic e-brake, coilovers, an aluminium radiator with electric cooling fan, plexiglass side windows, carbon-fibre bucket seats with Sabelt harnesses, a KMS data-logger, a full roll cage, and a fire-suppression system.

As said, there's plenty more, along with a rather comprehensive gallery showing all details and components over on the BaT posting, but the absoliute best part about this car? It's currently in Haiku, Hawaii.

Take a look at the YouTube video, shirt as it is, where you can see the Martini-liveried classic Ferrari 308 GTB in motion, but most importantly you can hear the car's amazing soundtrack from that neat custom exhaust manifold: Sports cars on Maui | Logic Wins

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