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Date: 2019-05-07

It's time to take a look at the collection of cars sitting in the garage of the legendary Mad Mike Whiddett.

Our host, Mickey, gives us a bit of background to how Mad Mike Whiddett became the driving legend that he is today, then we get a look inside the garage and the collection of cars Mike has. From his favourite Mazda Rotary, among many other custom Rotary's that he loves so much, to his awesome racing truck called Rumble and more.

There's even an RX-2, dubbed The Grandad, that is a phenomenal example of the classic, albeit a sleeper, of Mazda's Rotary history. Standing just feet away is a 767B Le Mans race car that is the inspiration for his Mad Bull, the flame-spitting drift car he challenged for the Red Bull Drift Champs in the US.

There are some absolute gems in that garage, it'll make every Rotary fan drool like a cop in a doughnut shop.

The best thing you could do right now is hit the play button on the video below and have a look for yourself!

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