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David and Mike from Roadkill on YouTube get a 1974 Mazda REPU – that's a Rotary engine pickup – but it's got a massive 455 Olds boat motor fitted in the load bay, what could go wrong.

The initial question is, can you wheelie a 1974 Mazda Pickup? Before the Roadkill dudes give it a go, the plan is to race this crazy pickup in a road race, Optima's Search for the Ultimate Street Car Challenge. First, though, is a 7-hour drive to Los Angeles where they discover a ton of leaks, poor timing and, surprise, reliability issues.

Along the way, they hit a dyno to see what its power outputs actually are (hint: not much) considering the guy who sold it to them claimed it's a 10-second quarter mile speedster.

The following day includes a bunch of tuning to get it running smoothly, nearly doubling the power, before registering for the race. As is the case with all things Overkill, very little goes smoothly but it is always fun to watch.

So, can the boys get this classic Mazda pickup ready to race? Hit the play button below and enjoy the show!

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