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This clip from The Grand Tour has Richard Hammond going through the steps to rebuild a Dodge Demon to get it ready to drag against James May in a Chevrolet Camaro called The Exorcist.

You would think a car sold by a manufacturer as a drag strip eater would require no more than a button press to get it into the correct mode.

Well, Dodge doesn't think it should be so easy. Instead, for just one dollar extra when purchasing the car, you get a 'toybox' full of goodies to take the Demon from street racer to track king.

The problem is, as Hammond so kindly demonstrates, to fit these parts takes quite some time. From changing the front wheels to thinner drag-racer style space savers to changing the air filter, ECU and switchgear in the centre console. The latter gives the driver an extra button that allows for high-octane fuel to be used.

Once all of that is done, then you access the drag racing mode from the infotainment centre and bob's your uncle, you're ready!

Does it matter though, does it make the car go faster? You're going to have to press the play button on the video below to find out.

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