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Take a look at some of these cheap things expensive car makers do.

Sportscar makers in the past used to cut down on non-essential parts to improve their performance and, in turn, would charge less for it in comparison to their flagship versions. But that's not the case today at all, in fact, you actually pay far more!

Here are five cheap things expensive car makers do:

  1. 1: Lamborghini – The Italian supercar maker went super cheap on the floor mats of the Aventador SVJ by replacing their traditional floor mats with something that resembles skateboard grip tape!

  2. 2: Stickers Instead Of Badges – Porsche, on their high-end track editions, have now replaced their high-quality badges and emblems with stickers, and their reasoning is for weight reduction, bro!

  3. 3: Outdated Technology – This is seen in a lot of modern-day supercars, such as the 2017 Masserati Granturismo that still has a phone keypad and monochromatic LCD display, and the Lamborghini Aventador LP-700 with its CD player and iPod connector.

  4. 4: Cheap Lights – Its no secret that car makers, such as Lamborghini with the Diablo, Spyker with the C8, Pagani with the Zonda and even McLaren with the F1, all used taillights from a bus which cost no more than around $5 each.

  5. 5: Car Engines – Yup, we take it for granted that some sportscar makers use other cars engines, but it has a lot to do with cost as well. Koenigsegg used a Ford engine in their CC8S straight out of a Ford Crown Victoria, and Pagani used a V12 out of a Mercedes AMG.

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