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The Range Rover Sport has always been the choice of the elite, from royalty to crime bosses (same thing really) and everyone with money in between. They seem to be damn good too, and as a flagship to the range, they have every conceivable onboard safety system and driver aid as part of the deal, all while being covered in the finest materials. They’re usually pretty damn fast too, hence why bad guys love them. So as you’d expect when a new model is released, it has to be better than the previous version in every way possible and that’s a hard thing to do at this level, but looking at these images it certainly looks absolutely amazing. This new New Range Rover Sport SV is the most powerful and dynamic to date thanks to an array of performance-enhancing technologies including the most advanced suspension system in its class. Weight saving in regular SUVs isn’t too much of a big deal to most automakers, but with a Range Rover Sport being aimed at performance, it gets a fair bit of attention. One thing that affects all cars is the unsprung mass, and there are few places to safely shave weight, but wheels are one. In a world-first for a production car, the Range Rover Sport SV can be had with 23-inch carbon fibre wheels. They reportedly shave off 76 kg. Lighter and meatier carbon ceramic brakes can also be optioned, along with a carbon fibre bonnet. Good quality carbon fibre is expensive, Jaguar Land Rover quality carbon fibre will be on another level, so if you ever spot one of these showing off carbon bits, just know that the owner has Bitcoin.  

As usual, when it comes to these things, we like to skip all the tech stuff and the things that fill a Bible-sized brochure and see what powers the thing. In this case, the range-topping Range Rover SV manages to still stick to its DNA with some V8 power, albeit with a smaller capacity thanks to being mated to new technologies. Placed into that new smooth and sexy bodywork we find a twin-turbocharged V8 and this time the capacity comes in with 600 cc less capacity at 4.4 litres. It still boasts a massive 467 kW of power with an impressive 750 Nm of torque. That’s 44 kW and 50 Nm more than the previous generation’s supercharged 5.0 V8. JLR claims this new future-friendly setup can propel the sizeable SUV to 60 mp/h in just 3.1 seconds and has a top speed of a rather amazing 290 km/h. “The new Range Rover Sport SV delivers an optimum blend of supreme performance, unrivalled desirability, capability and refinement. It’s a visceral addition to the Range Rover Sport line-up that powerfully demonstrates the world-class expertise of our high-performance specialists,” says Nick Collins, Executive Director, Vehicle Programmes, JLR. As you can expect, there are too many cool new things to list here, so when you have a free hour, click through to here - All-new Range Rover SV.

Take a look at the YouTube video from the old hands at creating the world's best offroaders that can easily double as luxury daily transportation, Land Rover, showing their latest range topper on the SUV side. Showcased here is the all-new limited edition Range Rover Sport SV, and after we finished watching, we can't fault what we see, check here: New Range Rover Sport SV | Edition One | Land Rover

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