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When you're current Formula 1 Champion Max Verstappen, you can pretty much do what you want at the Red Bull Technology Campus in Milton Keynes in the U.K. This time around the Red Bull F1 driver had a little fun taking a legendary Red Bull F1 car around the premises with little regard for tyre wear. In fact, it looks like he actually had a grudge against these tyres because they're now far from race worthy.   

Verstappen didn't just take any old F1 car for a hoon, he took the Red Bull RB7 F1 car out and made sure it sang at it's 18 000rpm redline reminding us all just how amazing those Renault V8 engines were when this car won the 2011 F1 season at the hands of Sebastian Vettel. The Red Bull RB7 became one of the most dominant F1 cars ever built when its 2011 race season saw the car winning a whopping 12 out of the 19 races on that year's calendar while it claimed an awe-inspiring 18 pole position starts. Added to that glory, the Red Bull RB7 also secured the Constructor's title for 2011.

It's not just anyone that gets to play with Red Bull F1's old toys, luckily Verstappen has all the required skills to properly reign in the legendary Red Bull RB7 Formula One car, even if it's only through a parking lot, actually make that ESPECIALLY in a parking lot. This now 11-year old car still has some really impressive specifications. The RB7 was fitted with a 2400cc Renault V8 that tipped the scales at just 95 kilograms. This compact V8 was able to rev to 18 000rpm to produce an amazing 750hp (560kW) and a 7-speed semi-automatic transmission does duty in the middle engine rear-wheel drive layout.

Back in 2011 the Formula 1 racecars were the pinnacle of race engineering, they employed the best of the best technologies in every aspect of their construction, they not only had to try and be faster than the competition, they also had to be faster while being reliable. The fact that this Red Bull RB7 racecar dominated as much as it did in the 2021 season made many Formula 1 fans pretty sure that things couldn’t get any faster, but technology is a wonderful thing. 

While Max Verstappen is hooning the Red Bull RB7 Formula 1 car, pay special attention to the part where he comes face to face with his 2021 Championship-winning car and check out that size difference. It’s amazing to see how new build technologies along with newer safety systems and processes have an impact on the overall dimensions of these amazing pieces of motoring technology.

Take a look at the YouTube video with Max Verstappen driving the Legendary RB7 below: Max Verstappen Drives RB7 Around Red Bull Technology Campus

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